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        Jiangsu Sinoval Machinery Co., Ltd. , always adheres to an idea of "Surviving on Quality, Developing on Technology", and now has developed into a new high-tech enterprise integrated with research & production, development, manufacturing, detection and sales of industrial valves. With a registered capital of 98800000 YUAN, the company now has near 200 staffs, possesses the fixed assets of 57250000 YUAN and covers an area of 61200m². Therein, there are near 30 engineering technicians and many after-sales service personnel. Valve CAD special software is adopted for design, and design software including three-dimensional drawing and finite element analysis, etc. are equipped. It also has a complete quality assurance system and detection means, as well as instruments like spectrum analyzer, etc. Within more than 400 sets of existing production equipment, machining equipment includes many sets of numerically-controlled lathe, digital-display boring machine and vertical lathe with a swing diameter of 4m. In terms of thermal equipment, it owns fusing soldering welder, automatic powder plasma spray-welding machine, ion nitriding furnace, high-frequency hardening furnace, etc. as well as advanced detection equipment such as universal material testing machine, automatic microcomputer demagnetizing instrument and leak detector, etc., which provides guarantee for production of high-quality products.

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